Mathematics for Atmospheric-Biospheric Science

AtMath Workshop

Zoom, October 9  2020  9-14 EET (8-13 CET)


The Zoom workshop is part of the activities of the AtMath collaboration. The AtMath collaboration aims at bringing together leading atmospheric scientists, biogeochemists and mathematicians interested in applications in order to foster the development of mathematical ideas and methods essential to any significant progress in the understanding of planetary problems.

Organizing Committee

Contact: write to the organizers


Talk Timetable (please notice that the talk schedule refers to Helsinki EET time-zone)

Time EET=CET+1hSpeakerTitle
Bubba"Detecting iodine perfusion in plant stems: a shearlet-based approach for sparse dynamic tomography" (video recording)
10:15-10:45Dewar"What is the theoretical basis of the Maximum Entropy Production conjecture?" (Abstract, video recording)
short break
12:00- 12:45Biferale"Applications of Reinforcement Learning and Generative Adversarial Networks to turbulence" (video recording)
short break
13:15-14:00Topping"JLBox v1.0 - A Julia based mixed phase atmospheric chemistry model. Initial thoughts and future directions" (Abstract, video recording)
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