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Call for Papers


If you wish to present a paper or poster, please submit your 1-3 pages  abstract including references and possible figures by date 14 May 2023. Use online form:

Please use the Latex or Word template:

File naming: Name document according to these conventions:

  • lastname(s).docx (all lowercase) or lastname(s).tex/lastname(s).pdf/... (all lowercase)
  • replace any spaces in the lastnames with dashes (-).

If you return the abstract in LaTeX format, include as an attachment all the files (.tex, any figures, etc.) needed for compiling and also the final pdf file.

Please note that your abstract will be published in the conference proceedings. Contributed papers will be allowed mainly for in-person participants.


The main theme of the conference will be "Survey statistics meets data science".

Topics of contributed papers or posters include for example:

  • Bayesian methods in survey statistics
  • Big data, methods and applications
  • Business survey methodology
  • Calibration techniques
  • Data collection methods
  • Data integration, combining data from surveys and registers
  • Data science
  • Demography
  • Edit and imputation
  • Forestry and environmental research methods
  • Internet and web surveys
  • Longitudinal and panel surveys
  • Machine learning in survey research
  • Measurement errors in surveys
  • Non-parametric methods in survey statistics
  • Non-probability samples
  • Nonresponse treatment in surveys
  • Poverty mapping
  • Questionnaire design and testing
  • Sampling methods
  • Small area estimation
  • Software for survey sampling and analysis
  • Statistical disclosure control methods
  • Survey data mining
  • Variance estimation
  • Weighting


Last update 11 July 2023

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