Mikko Kemppainen


Contact information

email: mikko.k.kemppainen (at) helsinki (dot) fi

Research interests

My current research is focused on vector-valued and Gaussian harmonic analysis, in particular:

  • martingales in Banach spaces
  • tent spaces and Hardy spaces

Papers and preprints

  • An L^1-estimate for certain spectral multipliers associated with the Ornstein-Uhlenbeck operatorJ. Fourier Anal. Appl., (to appear) Preprint
  • A note on local Hardy spaces. Preprint
  • (with Peter Sjögren and José Luis Torrea) Wave extension problem for the fractional LaplacianDiscrete Contin. Dyn. Syst., 35(10):4905-4929, 2015.
  • On vector-valued tent spaces and Hardy spaces associated with non-negative self-adjoint operatorsGlasg. Math. J., (to appear) Preprint
  • (with Alex Amenta) Non-uniformly local tent spaces. Publ. Mat., 59(1):245-270, 2015.
  • The vector-valued tent spaces T^1 and T^\infty. J. Aust. Math. Soc., 97(1):107-126, 2014.
  • Some remarks on the dyadic Rademacher maximal function. Colloq. Math., 131(1):113-128, 2013.
  • (with Tuomas Hytönen) On the relation of Carleson's embedding and the maximal theorem in the context of Banach space geometry. Math. Scand., 109(2):269-284, 2011.
  • On the Rademacher maximal function. Studia Math., 203(1):1-31, 2011.


  • Does UMD imply RMF? (informal notes) pdf
  • A maximal operator, Carleson's embedding, and tent spaces for vector-valued functions (PhD thesis) ethesis
  • On the Rademacher maximal function (Licentiate thesis) ethesis
  • Harmonisen analyysin posteri (in Finnish) pdf



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