Application of statistics in engineering, spring 2009


Associate Professor Snezhana Gocheva-Ilieva,
Plovdiv University "Paisii Hilendarski",
Faculty of mathematics and informatics,
Department of Applied mathematics and modeling
e-mail: snegocheva 'at'


2 cu to be earned through an application of the given methods to data files given by the lecturer.


Tuesday, May 5, 12-14 in room B120
Wednesday, May 6, 12-14 in room B120
Thursday, May 7, 12-14 in room B120

Course program

1. Collecting data: retrospective study, observational study and designed experiment. Mechanistic and empirical models.

2. Brief introduction in SPSS.

3. Introduction in regression empirical models: linear regression. Examples. Solving examples using SPSS.

4. Multiple regression analysis. Examples.

5. Clustering data. Cluster analysis with SPSS: K-Means Cluster Analysis.

6. Cluster analysis with SPSS: Hierarchical Cluster Analysis.

7. Example: Classifying parameters in a copper bromide laser.

8. Factor analysis. Basic steps with important statistics. Examples with data of metal vapor lasers.

9. Some techniques for prognosis of experiment with empirical models. Prediction intervals.

Materials to the lecture 1

1. Presentation - file: 1 present.pdf

2. Solved examples - SPSS files: ex.Ra-1.sav, Output-ex.Ra-1.spo,
ex.Ra-2.sav, Output-ex.Ra-2.spo

3. Problems to students (to solve at least 4 examples on regression
analysis) - file: Problems on RA.xls

Materials to the lecture 2

1. Presentation - file: 2 present.pdf

2. Problems for FA.xls

Materials to the lecture 3

1. Presentation - file: 3 present.pdf

2. Problems for CA.xls

Additional references

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