Model theory, spring 2017


Teacher: Tapani Hyttinen 

Scope: 10 cr

Type: Advanced studies


Topics: See the lecture notes below.

Prerequisites: Mathematical routine suffices.



Teaching schedule

Weeks 3-9 and 11-18, Tuesday 14-16 and Friday 12-14 in room B120. Two hours of exercise classes per week.

Easter holiday 13.-19.4. 


24.5 12-16 (yleistentti) in A111, B123 or CK112. You need to register to the exam.

Also: 14.6 10-14 in A111 or B123. Registration needed.

Only pen is needed in the exam.

Course material

 The lecture notes can be found here (changes will be made during the cource). If one wants to learn the basics of set theory in more details than what I do in the lectures, slides by Fan Yang for the course elements of set theory spring 2014 are good for this (google can find this page or look the home page of the logic group).


Did you forget to register? What to do?


Exercises are from the lecture notes. Some of them are part of the general theory and some are also rather difficult. For the difficult ones hints will be  given in the lectures.

Extra points will be rewarded from the exercises: 30% 1 point, 50% 2 points and 70%  3 points.

The first exercise class is on Tuesday  24.1.


Exercise classes

1.Tuesday 16-18 B120 Tapani Hyttinen 

Course feedback

Course feedback can be given at any point during the course. Click here.

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