Modelling health care interventions, Spring 2017


Teacher:  Simopekka Vänskä (THL)

Scope: 2+2 cr

Type: Advanced studies


The purpose of this course is to learn how mathematical modelling can be used to evaluate healthcare interventions. In particular, we use cervical cancer prevention as a case study, and model impacts of human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination and Pap smear based screening into the cervical cancer related disease burden. To this end, we model HPV transmission (infections in population), natural history (infection to disease), and interventions, and show how the model parameters are obtained from data. Finally, we learn how cost-effectiveness analyses are built on top of the model outcomes and used to evaluate the healthcare interventions.

The course includes an optional programming part.

Prerequisites: Lectures: Differential equations, matrices; Optional programming part: computing skills (e.g., Matlab or R)



Teaching schedule

Intensive course 11-18 May (Thu-Thu), no lecture/exercise class on Wednesday 17 May

  • Lectures each day from 15-17, room B321
  • Computer exercise classes each day from 17-18, room C128


A short report for the lecture part (2 credits); computer programs to run simplified cost-effectiveness analyses for the programming part (2 credits).

Short report dead line: May 31st. Return your report to Do not return your program files.

Recommended length and format: About 2 pages, including 1 page abstract plus 1 page brief summary of your model outcomes (numbers). For the abstract format, see examples in pubmed ( by searching e.g., for “cost-effectiveness HPV vaccination”. If no numbers are reported (only 2 credits then), explain in page 2 the modelling methods and what numbers should be computed.

Course material

Files to download: costqaly.m, costqaly.xlsx, CAfindings.m, CAfindings.xlsx,

Solutions to exercises: PerfScr.m, NatHistStep.m, HPVprogression.m


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Exercise classes

1.each course day17-18C128Simopekka Vänskä

Course feedback

Course feedback can be given at any point during the course. Click here.

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