Statistical population genetics, Spring 2016


Teacher: Sirkka-Liisa Varvio 

Scope: 5-10 cr, this means that a student can take either 5 cr or 10 cr

Type and prerequisites: Intermediate / advanced studies in statistics. For other students: background from at least basic probability calculus and statistical inference courses needed.

Teaching: The course consists of lectures, discussions, tutorials during computer sessions, assignments initiated during the sessions and completed during student´s own, additional, time. The spirit of the course is  learning by doing: data-analysis, exercises by pen-and-paper, simulations and reading scientific papers, rather than listening lectures.

Time schedule: Period III, Thursdays 14-19 in computer class C128, Exactum, Kumpula is a 5 cr module. Each session will start by a (~2 hours) lecture and/or tutorial for assignments. Another 5 cr module in period IV, time schedule will be negotiated during the III-period.

Passing the course: 

  • Weekly assignment sets / home-exercise sets. You can perform these so that you form groups of 2-4 students.
  • Three assignment sets will be pen-and-paper exercises, including some simulations and literature references, getting familiar with scientific articles, one is a data-analysis exercise. There is also to possibility write an essay instead of data-analysis.
  • Home-exam will be given 3. March and answer submission (to Moodle) deadline will be 14. March.


  • This is course working area for assignment solutions and reports, discussions, questions, etc.  The link is now open.

Week 1 

 Week 2

 Week 3  

 Weeks 4, 5 

There will not be a session 18. Feb. and there is more information in Moodle! To compensate this, there will be sessions Mon 22. Feb. 12-14, Wed 24. Feb. 12-14 and Thu 25. Feb 14-18. These sessions will not include any lectures, just practical advise for those who want to come. You can also ask for help by Moodle, or by email (sirkka-liisa.varvio at

 Week 6 

  • Home-exam will be given in March 4., deadline for submitting the answers March 14.

 Period IV, the other 5 cr part of the course

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