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 22.116-17B321Martti Karvonen, Aalto UniversityQuantum Teleportation and the No-Cloning Theorem in Pictures
 29.116-17B321Samuli SiltanenWhat are the job opportunities for mathematicians?
 5.216-17B321Unknown User ( number theory: How do postage stamps help multiplication?

Martina Aaltonen

Why knots?
 19.216-17B321Matti AlanenWhat should a Mathematician know besides Mathematics?
 26.216-17B321Anssi MirkaLes Measurables, Act 3
 5.3------Examination week---
 12.316-17B321Emanuele Ventura, Aalto UniversityWaring problems and secant varieties
 19.316-17B321Santeri J MiihkinenAn Elementary Introduction to Dirichlet Series

Unknown User ( -Määttä, Physics Dep.

Formation of atmospheric aerosols - an inverse problem approach The speaker is indisposed.
 2.416-17B321Unknown User ( talk
 9.416-17B321Sauli LindbergWeak convergence as a Strong tool of modern analysis
 16.416-17B321Unknown User ( -Määttä, Physics Dep.Formation of atmospheric aerosols - an inverse problem approach
 23.416-17CK112special guest: Jarno Ruokokoski, VarmaMatemaatikkona vakuutusalalla ja työeläkevakuutusyhtiössä




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Feb, 26th 2015