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PAUP (Phylogenetic Analysis Using Parsimony) is a proprietary, and thus commercial, non-free software package for constructing and interpreting phylogenetic trees. It can is able to apply a maximum parsimony method, but also various others methods (that may, however, be less suitable to stemmatological analysis). It offers a rich set of commandos settings to tune the behavior behaviour of various methods, and to adapt the lay-out of computed trees. PAUP uses the Nexus file format which is shared by several bioinformatics software packages. Different versions for various platforms are available , with slight variations in available functionality. PAUP can both be used as a command line tool or through a graphical interface. However, given lack or incomplete support for later current platform GUIs such as Windows 8 and Max OS X, usage as a command line tool is advised.


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, but no longer accessible 27 October 2015.