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A very common problem when using a kerberos ticket is that the ticket has expired or that there isn't one. This will prevent Cubbli Linux from accessing any service requiring kerberos tickets including but not limited to those listed above. See common problems.



Kerberos tickets

You can see your kerberos ticket using the command klist. Here is an example output of klist, which has been used to access files both in University's file server (Z-drive through SMB) and CS Deparment's file server (/cs/home/ through NFS), to ssh remotely to and to print a document to university's smartcard queue:

$ klist
Ticket cache: FILE:/tmp/krb5cc_1033431_JVldy8
Default principal: jjaakkol@AD.HELSINKI.FI

Valid starting     Expires            Service principal
13/07/18 12:05:16  13/07/18 22:05:16  krbtgt/AD.HELSINKI.FI@AD.HELSINKI.FI
    renew until 14/07/18 12:05:14
13/07/18 12:06:47  13/07/18 22:05:16  nfs/
    renew until 14/07/18 12:05:14
13/07/18 12:07:03  13/07/18 22:05:16  cifs/
    renew until 14/07/18 12:05:14
13/07/18 12:07:51  13/07/18 22:05:16  host/
    renew until 14/07/18 12:05:14
13/07/18 12:08:07  13/07/18 22:05:16  cifs/


Tickets have a limited lifetime after which they cannot be used any more.  There are two different lifetimes: