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1. Course title

Universe Now

Universe Now

Universe Now

2. Course code


3. Course status: compulsory or optional

Bachelor's programme in physical sciences is responsible for the course.

The course belongs to optional studies.

The course is available to the students from other degree programmes. The course is suitable for anyone with an interest towards astronomy.

4. Course level (first-, second-, third-cycle/EQF levels 6, 7 and 8)

-Bachelor’s level = first-cycle degree/EQF level 6. Intermediate studies

5. Recommended time/stage of studies for completion

The course can be taken at any point during the studies.

6. Term/teaching period when the course will be offered

The course is offered every second year in period III.

7. Scope of the course in credits

3 credits

8. Teacher coordinating the course

 Teemu Willamo

9. Course learning outcomes

After the course you have a general knowledge of astronomy on a popular level and know what are the current relevant research topics.

10. Course completion methods

11. Prerequisites

No previous studies are required.

12. Recommended optional studies

13. Course content

A popular level lectured course about the basics of astronomy and the Universe.

14. Recommended and required literature

The teacher will give information of the materials at the beginning of the course.

15. Activities and teaching methods in support of learning

16. Assessment practices and criteria, grading scale

There grade will be given based on the final exam

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